Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Thu Oct 11 01:22:13 BST 2007

Blindraven wrote:
> Thankyou very much for the help, I'll definitely buy that book - after 
> I've read through this RHCE stuff or I'll overload my head.
> I'm not sure which box you meant for me to enter those commands in, the 
> one with all the stuff I want shared or the other?

You need one machine on the network to be the "master".  It's 
recommended on a small network that this be your primary file server. 
It should be a machine that's on all the time (or at least more often 
than other desktops).

Making a desktop machine that turns off from time to time master is a 
bad idea, as when it turns off the other machines then get lost for a 
while as they all fight for master status.


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