It would help If i attached the message that failed, sorry to spam the list - heres the log.smbd and log.nmbd

Scott McKean scott at
Wed Oct 10 12:02:18 BST 2007

So there are two servers fighting for 'control' of the Samba network.
'TONY-LINUX' and 'SERVER' from what I can tell.

You posted an smb.conf file in an earlier email. Which machine was this
for? If you could post the smb.conf that you haven't already sent that
may be helpful as well.

Could you please answer the questions:

> How many other machines on the network are also sharing files? 
> Do ALL of the shares stop working or only certain shares?


On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 20:52 +1000, Blindraven wrote:
> Ok, this is just the top of the log of log.nmbd
> It goes on with errors forever.
> -note i will post the other log under this one-

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