Font Problem

squareyes squareyes at
Mon Oct 8 16:19:12 BST 2007

Matthew McKinnon wrote:
> squareyes wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have installed a number of ttf fonts on a friends machine.
>> I copied them into /usr/share/fonts/truetype , and they are all 
>> accessible/usable
>> by Abiword, Gimp etc. The problem is that he has added 2 users to his 
>> system (Grand daughters)
>> these new fonts show on both, appear in the fonts lists on 
>> everything, but are not usable.
>> They show in  /usr/share/fonts/truetype on each user, but have an X 
>> attached to them.
>> Am I missing something obvious? I have "Ubuntu unleashed" book but 
>> cannot get any ideas from it.
>> Many thanks in advance for any help.
>> Take Care
>> Winton
> Have you tried setting the permissions and user rights/access to the 
> same as the other fonts in the font directory?
> Cheers;
> Moe 
Many thanks all,
Have  chmod 755 /usr/share/fonts/truetype
Installed 6 new fonts, all working except 1, which works in the original 
user's Abiword etc.
All have the same permissions.
Thanks again
Take Care

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