Evolution, contacts, birthday and years earlier than 1970

Peter Schwenke peter at bluetoad.com.au
Fri Oct 5 21:44:51 BST 2007

Sebastian Spiess wrote:
> hi all,
> does ayone know how to hande birthdates before 1970.

I just tried it in Gutsy and you can't seem to get it to do it.
> I am setting up my contacts including birthdays so that evolution puts them automatically into the calendar.
> This works fine for birthdays before 1970, but for years before 1970 the reminder ends up in december.

Typically dates are stored as number of seconds since 1/1/1970.  It
seems like they have done something like that.

> How can I fix it? shure I could use the current year for the birthday but thats not a good workaround for me.

Set it as a annually recurring date.  Then you see it each every year.
Then you could also set an alarm so that you could be reminded on the
day or the day before.

In the entry you put something "Sebastian Spiess (19xx)".

That's what I've always done on my Palm Pilots. I'd never thought of
going back to the actual year and entering it there.


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