Nicholas Lysaght nickl at
Sun Mar 25 04:37:11 BST 2007

Hi All.

I have run both Ubuntu 6.06 and 6.10 for a short while, but would like 
to make it permanent.

My Hard Disk (Samsung SATA) maps out like this: Primary C: (FAT32), 
Primary (eCs-OS/2 Boot Manager), Logical (eComStation Bootable JFS). I 
have left at least 40GiB Free Space for installation of Ubuntu.

On installation of Ubuntu, I am able to create a partition for problem. What, it appears, I cannot do, is to ask Ubuntu's 
boot record to be placed inside the Ubuntu partition.

I can do this with Red Hat and Xandros by accessing eComStation through 
the Boot Manager, finding the RH/Xandros partition and adding it to the 
Boot Manager, then rebooting. If I try that with Ubuntu, all I can 
access is GRUB, and have to remake OS/2 Boot Manager as the MBR, and 
then I am unable to access Ubuntu.  Unfortunately, I have to do this, as 
I require Boot Manager to access eComSation. I have tried using the menu 
system inside Grub to access Boot Manager, but this doesn't seem to work 
for me. I have also mad the Bootable flag as Active....that didn't work 

As I see it, allowing Ubuntu's Boot Record to be placed inside it's own 
partition is the key. Is that acheivable? Is there something I've missed?

I look forward to your reply, and thank you in advance.



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