Cannot send e-mail via Ubuntu set-up

Peter Schwenke peter at
Wed Jun 27 00:58:15 BST 2007

Les Gray wrote:
>> (3)
>> I have a lot of WINDOWS-based software: like MX2004 (Adobe (formerly 
>> Macromedia) Dreamweaver,& Flash - which I use a lot), Photoshop CS, and the 
>> Chinese Character INPUT slab, I don't know if that would INSTALL in Ubuntu - 
>> I suspect NOT - so I am afraid to try - am I right?
>> So, what are the equivalents to those programs in UBUNTU? How do I install 
>> them?
> I don't work with graphics much but the (sort of) Linux equivalent to Photoshop is called GIMP ( You should have it installed already. if not, go into Add/Remove programs or use Synaptic (these should be in your 'System' menu) to download and install it. As far as Dreamweaver and Flash (creation tools, not browser plugin), you may be out of luck. But I could be wrong on that. Chinese character input I believe is handled by something called SCIM - search again for more info.
> Many Windows programs can be run under Linux using something called WINE ( You may want to check that out too.

I got roped into doing some Flash work and had earlier versions working
under WINE.  I bought the Codeweavers version of WINE which saves
mucking around (

The version of Flash I have working on WINE is Flash MX and when I click
the Help/About menu it says Version 6.

I did try a version of DreamWeaver in those days out of curiosity and it

When the graphic artist decided to upgrade, I could no longer run on
WINE so I got VmWare.  That will require a valid version of Windows. I
think I'm on Flash 8 now.

Check the compatibility list at and WINE HQ.

VmWare is also very useful if you also want to create (virtual) extra
Linux boxes for various reasons (development, trying a new distro etc).
It has a snapshot feature where you can rollback an installation to a
certain point.  So theoretically if someone needs to run Windows for
some reason they can snapshot the Windows installation and when it turns
ugly, go back to an earlier snapshot.  Of course, you'd keep your own
files on your Ubuntu partition.


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