Cannot send e-mail via Ubuntu set-up

squareyes squareyes at
Tue Jun 26 14:51:27 BST 2007

CC Y wrote:
> Hi, I am one-month new to Open Source.
> So, please bear with me for my naive questions:
Hi Chi,
may be a good idea to have a look at   if you are using Dapper. Scroll 
down to Repositories.

System is the same for other versions, but the version name must be 
substituted where Dapper is used.

Software isn't installed in the windows fashion that you are used to, it 
is all in
repositories, which are dependant on your machine having the necessary 
listed in /etc/apt/sources.list. You may then use "Synaptic package 
manager" to install
selected packages.  (System > Administration >  Synaptic Package Manager" )

I like "Bluefish"  for writing websites, but there are others available.

Hope this helps.
Take Care

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