Cannot send e-mail via Ubuntu set-up

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Tue Jun 26 10:44:34 BST 2007

Hi, I am one-month new to Open Source.
So, please bear with me for my naive questions:
How do I set up my default opening page to the Sydney Morning Herald,
Where could I install an anti-virus program? Or, is an anti-virus program 
REALLY necessary with Open Source? I have been doing my Internet Banking 
with Firefox - presumably without any anti-virus protection - have I been 
subjecting myself to undue risk? If so, what should I do?
I have a lot of WINDOWS-based software: like MX2004 (Adobe (formerly 
Macromedia) Dreamweaver,& Flash - which I use a lot), Photoshop CS, and the 
Chinese Character INPUT slab, I don't know if that would INSTALL in Ubuntu - 
I suspect NOT - so I am afraid to try - am I right?
So, what are the equivalents to those programs in UBUNTU? How do I install 
I have forgotten EXACTLY what I did to set up a e-mail "client?" - similar 
to OUTLOOK EXPRESS - however, it doesn't seem to work - for whenever I tried 
to send e-mail through it, it flashed up an error message as "Require 
correct PASSWORD"?
When I set it up, I used the e-mail address from  my ISP, namely 
"xxx" - I was asked to make some choices, and I must have 
mugged it up.
My urgent question is:
--- HOW do I undo that e-mail setup, and
--- How do I set up my e-mail properly.
Thank you in anticipation.
Chi (female)

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