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Sat Jun 23 01:46:50 BST 2007

Andre Mangan wrote:
> One last thing, Andrew:  In November last year you kindly steered me in 
> the right direction after I asked you about virtualisation.  I had a 
> number of Windows-based programs that I needed and you suggested 
> VMware.  I could not come to grips with VMware at that time but several 
> months ago embraced VirtualBox.  Now I can run PhotoImpact (which I need 
> for processing graphics for web sites) in XP as guest, with Ubuntu being 
> the host.  The other programs I asked the list members about I am 
> running in CrossOverLinux even though one of them (MailWasherPro) has 
> since been written for Ubuntu and other Linux distros.  It all turned 
> out to be so easy and I really like Ubuntu.  So, Andrew, and all those 
> who helped me on the path ... thank you.

Good to hear of people finding the solutions they need, especially using 
things like CrossOver.

VirtualBox is a great piece of software and is getting the attention it 
deserves. My only annoyance is that they don't do a 64 bit version, but 
that was only because I wanted to use it in place of the horrible 
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 at my Tafe class which was using 64bit Windows 
Server 2003. Here at home its a different story :).

Andrew S

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