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Wed Jun 13 09:29:11 BST 2007

Hello Karen and Paul,

Quite right, just to trial another operating system you don't need an
internet connection right away.

What I really like about Ubuntu is that it comes as a complete working
system.  Word processor and spreadsheet, equal to and in many respects
better than some, image manipulation programme, every possible piece of
software available on a mouse click, a supportive community, stability way
beyond what Microsoft can offer and the chance lift the bonnet and get your
hands dirty.  Above all, it lends  itself to almost infinite customisation.
And, if you really want to, you can run Windows on it via a virtual
machine.  What more could anyone want.

Some of these functions may not be so easy to access without broadband or
with limits to dial-up access.

By the way, resolution and refresh rates are different things, hence my
comment about CRT and TFT monitors.

What did you mean by your comment about downloading a different version
being out of your reach.  If you meant a different version of Ubuntu, then
that is not a problem.  Personally, I have stuck with Ubuntu Dapper Drake
LTS, the Long Term Support version.  This is supported until 2009.  I leave
the frontier stuff to the more adventurous.  As you may have gathered from
the comments on the mailing list, the latest version is not without some
hickups.  Going for the latest version may be a legacy of the Windows
philosophy of upgrading at every opportunity.  Having said that, I also
acknowledge that pioneers are necessary to make advances.

If you need an earlier version of Ubuntu, just say so.  I have a spare copy
of 6.06, Dapper Drake LTS, as well as 6.10, Edgy Eft that I would gladly
send to you.  Unfortunately I cannot send you a modem.  Please remember that
with the older versions you will have problems updating your files if you
have a limited download allowance.

I know of Bairnsdale in Victoria but have no knowledge of Bairnsdale in
NSW.  You really are tucked away, aren't you.


  andremangan at
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