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Thanks Andre

The laptop we are using does indeed run Windows XP Pro, albeit not as well
as our main desktops. As I said, we are taking a look at linux, and as such
didn't want to use our main machines. So far we are not ready to make a
permanent jump from Windows to Linux.

Although they would provide more processor speed, ram and hard drive space,
we would still have the "winmodem" problem as our modems are of the same
ilk. We are not in the position of being able to purchase new modems, and I
don't think for this exercise of trying a new OS, it is necessary.

The fix for the resolution problem appears to be a known bug ... not just
for CRT's ... it was the only way to "fix" the TFT screen on the laptop. We
tried other remedies that some had suggested, but this worked for us. The
resolution after install was "stuck" at 800 x 600, although installation
recognised the correct graphic card. We had to drag the window around just
to find buttons to do anything.

As for the modem ... we are still in same boat as a lot of other people ...
or at least that's what we've found in our searches trying to work things
out for ourselves. The majority of work appears to be for broadband access,
dial up users have been put on the back burner, because of lack of time and
people to work on it. We can understand this, but we personally are stuck
with dial up ... and a four hour connection limit. We can't afford  ( at the
moment) to change. So even downloading a different version, an older
version, is somewhat out of our reach.

On 6/12/07, Andre Mangan <andremangan at> wrote:
> Thank you for providing more details.  The reason that I asked for your
> location was to see if there was someone in your locality who might be able
> to assist you personally.  Sounds like you are near the Victorian border.
> I think it a pity that you want to spend so much time and energy on
> running the very latest version of Ubuntu on a machine that would not even
> run the latest version of Windows.
> Many inbuilt modems, are winmodems and rely on specially written software.
> Therefore they really hardly merit the title of modem.
> When you mention adjustment to the vertical and horizontal refresh rates,
> these apply to CRT monitors.  LCD monitors adjust automatically.
> Yes, you will need to know a bit about Linux.  It is really not much
> different, in principle, to the Command Line in Windows.  While all this may
> seem like technobabble to you right now, the learning curve is not all that
> steep.... and in my opinion is very rewarding.  We have all had to learn
> Linux, the same as we had to learn DOS and Windows.  Nowadays Windows hides
> its code and keeps it secret - although I did manage on several occasions in
> the past to crack into it (Windows 95).
> The connect to internet button is via your top panel (the strip at the top
> of your desktop screen).  Go to System -> Administration -> Networking.
> To persist in trying to get the latest version of Ubuntu running on a
> machine with inadequate resources, while not impossible, will do nothing to
> ease your frustration levels.  Please consider an installation on your best
> machine.
> The easiest way to accomplish that is to install a second hard drive and
> install Ubuntu on that.  Then you can dual boot, that is, you can make a
> choice of whether to go into Windows or go into Ubuntu.  If you would like
> to try that, I would be happy to guide you through that.
> Cheers,
> Andre
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