Network problems

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Wed Jun 13 06:33:38 BST 2007

Rand Al Thor wrote:
>  >so you are not actually getting a DHCP lease from your router?
> Keep it simple for me, I might be a comp science uni student but i'm no 
> network guru.
> So in other words i'm not sure what you mean but id

Your router is not handing your PC an IP address.  Without one, your PC 
is quite literally stumbling around in the dark as far as your network goes.

 From your sig, you seem to have other machines at this location.  If 
so, see if they can connect to your router and bring up it's web 
interface.   Check what IP addresses those machines are being handed.

Make sure that the router's DHCP server is turned on (consult your 
router instruction manual on where to find that).

Assuming you have ll Ubuntu 7.04 defaults loaded (no extra firewll 
packages installed or IPTables customised) - also check the physical 
cabling and connections between your non-working machine and your 
router.  If possible, try another network cable, another port in the 
router, and if they fail, another NIC.


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