Beryl and a funny keyboard problem

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Wed Jun 6 23:31:32 BST 2007

Anthony J Brow wrote:
> On three occasions I have tried to install Beryl, got a lot of Beryl in
> the system, but just could not get it to run.
> What is the trick to get it to run ?. The installation seemed to go ok.
> But when clicking on the 'beryl' icon , Feisty just froze and I had to
> switch off and reload feisty. So, Beryl has again been unloaded.

What video card do you have in the system?  Has it been set up for 
hardware 3D/OpenGL accelleration? Have you run another 3D application to 
test?  "foobillard" is a nice, small 3D billiards/pool game in the main 
repos that can be installed easily, and will give you a good indication 
if your 3D is working well.

sudo apt-get install foobillard

When you run it under a properly configured hardware accellerated X, it 
will run very smoothly.  If it falls back to software mode, it will be 
quite jerky.  If you haven't configured hardware OpenGL accelleration 
properly, then Beryl will fail.

> Keyboard
> First, mysteriously "at" sign got somehow switched with ' " ' sign and I
> had no idea how to get it back, but now the 'at' sign has disappeared
> altogether. When rebooting to to the 'XP' side all is working normal on
> the keyboard.

Under Ubuntu/GNOME, click System -> Preferences -> Keyboard, and hit the 
"Layout" tab.

Make sure your keyboard is set to US English, and that you are using the 
generic 101/104/105 key driver.

Under "Layout Options" check options like the Euro options, and make 
sure that the Euro symbol hasn't been added to the "2" key (ie: where @ 
normally lives).


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