Beryl and a funny keyboard problem

Anthony J Brow tbrow at
Wed Jun 6 23:05:26 BST 2007

On three occasions I have tried to install Beryl, got a lot of Beryl in
the system, but just could not get it to run.

What is the trick to get it to run ?. The installation seemed to go ok.
But when clicking on the 'beryl' icon , Feisty just froze and I had to
switch off and reload feisty. So, Beryl has again been unloaded.

First, mysteriously "at" sign got somehow switched with ' " ' sign and I
had no idea how to get it back, but now the 'at' sign has disappeared
altogether. When rebooting to to the 'XP' side all is working normal on
the keyboard.

thanks in advance for any advice


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