dialup modem issue

Minarwan (Min) rodinia at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 12:54:29 BST 2007

I am eager to help but I am not an expert on this matter. So, apologize 
if this story below doesn't help much.

I have tried to install a modem driver for my laptop, Compaq Presario 
700 - Ubuntu 7.04 (Conexant modem), and found a problem with its 
Nautilus. Everything became very very slow, so I finally uninstalled the 
driver and things came back to normal again (apparently a bug? due to 
restricted driver in work).

The steps to install a modem driver are:
1. Obviously a modem is needed first and then look for the chipset 

2. Download scanModem.gz

3. Put it in Ubuntu, unzip it and run the program, do not save as .exe, 
but follow the instruction here to make it works:

4. Write down the information needed (in my case it is Conexant, HSF 
Softmodem), go to the manufacturer website and download the driver

5. Install the driver downloaded from manufacturer website, obviously 
more details instructions are available from the readme 
file/installation instruction

More information here:

And obviously someone who is more expert than me will make correction to 
this email where necessary. :)

That's all I can remember....


peter baker wrote:
> for a friend who is having issues getting onto the mailing list....._
> Dialup Modem._
> Trying to set up my dialup modem I found that; Help > dialup >  Dialup 
> Modems - are not supported by Ubuntu due to the number of different ones 
> out there, mostly Microsoft oriented.(Ouch!) But help might be obtained 
> this way, Command line - *wget -c *http://linmodems.technion* 
> .*ac.il/scanModem.gz <http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/scanModem.gz>*  
> *(um - er - Modem required??)
> OK. How to get around this? Take a copy of the URL and type it into 
> Internet Explorer - down load the file and save it to disk. Done!
> Back in Ubuntu. Open flp0. Theres the file - gunzip it and save it - 
> done! I manage to open all 211kb of it into a readable file (sort of!) 
> At least I can see it and recognise source code (just!) 
> I must go back to the command line and load the file as an .exe so that 
> the program can scan my modem and report - - - -
> This is where I get stuck! I have no expertise with the command line so 
> I don't know which command will do what I need - and so the man pages 
> are no help to me.
> Instructions Please?
> Regards
> Mike H
> mike.harold at bigpond.com <mailto:mike.harold at bigpond.com>
> -- 
> www.peterbaker.id.au <http://www.peterbaker.id.au>

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