Telstra next generation phone

squareyes squareyes at
Wed Jul 18 16:57:38 BST 2007

squareyes wrote:
> Hi all,
> have just acquired a next generation Telstra phone, which is (according 
> to manual able to connect via usb and bluetooth.
> Sadly in this area CDMA and Next generation are the only mobiles that 
> can get a signal. Would like to be able to
> download any pictures I may take with the phone, although there will be 
> very few.
> The phone  LG TU 500 , I have had suggested a bluetooth dongle, 
> (supposedly plug and play), does anyone know if
> either usb ( which comes with Win software) or the bluetooth dongle is 
> likely to work, before I lash out with the
> funds for the usb cable ($45) or the dongle?
> Any suggestions very much appreciated.
> Take Care
> Winton
Sorry forgot to mention I am using 7.04


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