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Tue Jul 10 07:24:57 BST 2007

I understand the povs.  At this time i will try linux games and wine first
(once i install it) and see how that goes.  Maybe i will still try cedega
we'll see.

Good news too btw i got flash 9 going with rather low effort thanks to a
script here

Still don't have java but i use that far less than flash on the sites i

On 7/10/07, Leslie Gossner <clownius at> wrote:
>  Les Gray wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 July 2007 11:11:12 mike james wrote:
>    I decided that I was willing to support a company that was at least
> developing skills in that area and would provide me with some
> entertainment in the meantime, hence cedega. I have paid a LOT more for
> games/consoles/3D cards, etc over the years. In fact I usually spend
> more money on pizza than cedega costs per month. (about $7 au depending
> on exchange rates)
>      It's not the amount of money, it's the fact that the product you get for it is
> not really up to the level of quality where charging for it might be
> justified. A year's worth of Cedega is roughly what you'd pay to keep, say,
> Norton AV going (legitimately) on your Windows setup each year. Now I don't
> imagine anybody would be too happy if that software had the same 'hit and
> miss' quality about it that Cedega does.
> the thing is, as I noted above, it's just not really feasible that the level
> of quality expected from commercial software could ever be reached by Cedega.
> Which is why, on principle, it should be free and open, like WINE.
> btw, if anyone's curiosity has been excited by all this Cedega-bashing, I
> recommend dropping by the forums at, which is simply filled
> to the brim with satisfied customers (or not) ;)
>    Ye search those forums before you believe anything listed as working in
> their database too.  Many 4 or 5 star listings have a hundred million
> threads dedicated to what wont work on them.... like anything other than the
> install.
> WoW works under WINE im told and so do many many games.  Possibly even
> more than work under Cedega.  Although i like the idea of it all the product
> just doesn't deliver what they claim to and they don't give back to the open
> source community like for example Crossover Office does.
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