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Andre Mangan andremangan at
Tue Jul 3 09:02:19 BST 2007

The Williamtown entry in the Gnome 'Weather Preferences - Location' has
never functioned on my installation of 6.06.  It did not do so in 5.10, 6.06,
6.10 nor 7.04.  I have altered the given co-ordinates via the Configuration
Editor as well as changing the IDN.  All to no avail.

I currently use a bookmark shortcut to Hunter Weather from BoM (Bureau of

In the Gnome weather applet, the forecast for Sydney works but for me is

The co-ordinates that I am using for Williamtown are - 32-79S 151-84E.
Though I have checked these, perhaps I got it wrong.  The IDN used is

Could someone please shed some light on this puzzle?


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