Meeting summary - 19th September 2006

Yuki Cuss celtic at
Wed Sep 20 02:59:34 BST 2006

> Probably around 200 in Sydney. Medium-touch handouts, due to the nature
> the event. Would be interested to know if the Melbourne ones were high
> or not. It's hard to hand out 1000 CDs in a valuable way.
> - Jeff

It is indeed. I was part of the group doing that; we were stationed
outside the front of the Town Hall where the main SFD events were for the
day and handed them out there, and then we proceeded to walk down the main
streets of the city and hand them out. A lot of them were rather
`low-touch', if I understand the term correctly; they accepted the CDs and
went on their way, however certainly there was some interest (the greeting
was `Happy Software Freedom Day!').

Maybe a tenth asked a couple of questions and went on their way, and some
amount of that tenth actually stuck by to ask what they could do with it,
why they'd want to run it, advantages over Windows/Mac, etc.

 - Yuki.

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