Another sticker update

Melissa Draper melissa at
Mon Sep 18 08:52:22 BST 2006

TigerWolf - wrote:
> If nobody else wants to - i could do the SA distribution?
*** There will not be multiple distribution points ***

Please refer to to the reply I sent last time people started clambering
to complicate things.

Maintaining multiple distribution points will only make more work.

I'm pretty sure that System76 only organises *one distribution point per
country* - even their own country - to keep the process simple. 1
address to promote, rather than 10 ... 1 address to keep stocked, rather
than 10 etc.

I'm trying hard to keep this nice, but: Please, do not ask again.

Exceptions to this are the SFD'06 organisers, and people who email me a
detailed reason why they need a significantly larger quantity of
stickers. This needs to be more than 'I go to a LUG' or 'I know lots of

*** SFD organisers, if you collected addresses for stickers, could you
please send me a count of how many, and your address to send them to.
Thanks. ***

Melissa Draper

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