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Fri Oct 27 07:07:22 BST 2006

TigerWolf - wrote:
> Do you have a reason to not showcase Cedega aswell? I use it to get 
> quite alot of games working and ill be gaming at a LAN party this 
> weekend entirely in ubuntu. It does have its downsides by making some 
> game developers lazy but it also is good at promoting linux as a 
> gaming OS.
One reason is the more load on these systems the worse things will run, 
and the other is to show there is games that will run natively. 3rdly 
(as an afterthought), any FOSS games is stuff we can distribute ('we' 
being the group/s I'm in).
> On 10/27/06, *Christopher Lees* <christopher_lees at 
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>     Karl Goetz wrote:
>     > hi all
>     > I'm wondering if there's a reasonably good list of games (FOSS or
>     > proprietary) for Ubuntu
>     > I'm after stuff that can showcase Ubuntu, but on lowish spec
>     hardware.
>     > I'm not sure what spec. video cards the computers have yet, but its
>     > probably nvidia vantas of some sort.
>     Alien Arena is another game that's a lot like Nexiuz. You could also
>     show off Scorched 3D, which has some nice smoke and explosion
>     effects.
>     I'm not sure that Nexiuz is a good choice for lowish-spec hardware.
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