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Fri Oct 27 06:52:29 BST 2006

Do you have a reason to not showcase Cedega aswell? I use it to get quite
alot of games working and ill be gaming at a LAN party this weekend entirely
in ubuntu. It does have its downsides by making some game developers lazy
but it also is good at promoting linux as a gaming OS.

On 10/27/06, Christopher Lees <christopher_lees at> wrote:
> Karl Goetz wrote:
> > hi all
> > I'm wondering if there's a reasonably good list of games (FOSS or
> > proprietary) for Ubuntu
> > I'm after stuff that can showcase Ubuntu, but on lowish spec hardware.
> > I'm not sure what spec. video cards the computers have yet, but its
> > probably nvidia vantas of some sort.
> Alien Arena is another game that's a lot like Nexiuz. You could also
> show off Scorched 3D, which has some nice smoke and explosion effects.
> I'm not sure that Nexiuz is a good choice for lowish-spec hardware.
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