why my systems hang?

smithveg smithveg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 11:37:30 BST 2006

Ya, the 'hang' i means, i whole system hang, including the screen saver.
I know what to press in ctrl-alt-F1 and ctrl-alt-F7.

Can you desctibe to me what is the meaning? Is that something like
ctrl-alt-delete function in windows?

If no, what's the purposes of ctrl-alt-F1 and ctrl-alt-F7, and whatis the
substitude key for ctrl-alt-delete in windows.

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On 10/23/06, smithveg <smithveg at gmail.com> wrote:
> When i stop using (away) from keyboard for a long time, about 30min to 1
> hour. I getting know my systems hang when i came back. Why?
> Is that related to the power management preferences?


No solution sorry but a workaround that has worked for me in similar
situations is to hit ctrl-alt-F1 then ctrl-alt-F7 which seems to make
X start responding again.

Cheers, Dave.
David Symons

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