Mirrors for developers and users [Was: New Page Idea]

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Oct 23 00:19:28 BST 2006

<quote who="Peter Garrett">

> By the way, if you use the Optus mirror for ubuntu, please keep a *close*
> eye on it - recently it's been good, but they didn't update from about
> June until September

If you're using the stable version of Ubuntu, the only archives that will
change are -updates and -security. I don't tend to use mirrors for those,
because I want to make sure I have important updates as soon as they ship.

If you're using the in-development branch of Ubuntu, it's good to use local
mirrors for your own bandwidth costs as well as Canonical's (there's a heck
of a lot of downloading to be done). However, if for some reason you need to
keep on top of the very latest packages (ie. you're actually working on it,
or you've managed to upgrade to a b0rken X and an update has already shipped
but is not on your mirror), you can include *both*. That lets you download
from the local mirror unless there's something newer centrally. Handy!

- Jeff

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