au secours

Peter Schwenke peter at
Sat Oct 7 09:37:04 BST 2006

Joh Lindley wrote:
> msgtag is indeed an attached image/script and is blocked by Thunderbird
> from the ones I have received (by default).
> I also know if at least 2 ISP's who will filter these messages requiring
> the user to release them to even allow them past the server I don't use
> it so I cant give you a sample

Hhmmm.  I thought about the name after my last post and started to
wonder if it was some sort of HTML tag thing.  An image tag with some
scripting.  It does sound like a big invasion of privacy.   I think even
Outlook doesn't have that stuff on by default these days. I answer know
on those normal receipt things anyway.

So it sounds like it is useless anyway ;-)


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