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Tue Nov 21 09:33:51 GMT 2006

On 11/21/06, Adam Smith <adam.tropics at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> As for the archiving power, agreed. As for language, I think the
> language point is irrelevant. Yes, we speak English, but the purpose of
> the forum needn't be limited to support in its literal sense.

The point I was trying to make was I usually go to 1 place
(ubuntuforums.org) to find things, or share things because I
understand English, hence I spend less time getting around checking 2
forums, unless if I don't understand English and need help in my first
language (for example Chinese). There are lots of info in the main
forum (so much that sometime I just get lost).

There are
> no big trade secrets at risk here, so why not use it as a simple way to
> do things like develop meeting agendas, openly plan events, whatever.

I thought using a mailing list for this is the same, no? I meant when
I open my Thunderbird, I receive all information about meeting
agendas, etc, not a problem. And again when I open my Gmail (webmail)
all threads under the same subject have been collected into a single
thread for me (but of course I have to look at this issue from a
different perspective because not everyone use Gmail :)). If we're
connected to the web all the time, then forum is a good place to share
things, but for people who like doing thing offline, then a mailing
list is good.

> honestly, IRC is very off-putting/daunting to a non geek 'new to
> Linux/Ubuntu' person. Don't ask me why, it just is!

I can understand it because when we ask for help and someone gives a
response, it will disappear in no second as soon as others type
something on the chat window. Very annoying indeed.

> Not everybody uses gmail, but even if they did, it's not the same. Every
> time somebody makes a comment, you download effectively the entire
> subject all over again, apart from anything else, it's wasteful and
> inefficient. Added to that, the post goes to the whole list...every
> time. If only 10% of readers, as an example, are able to help with an
> issue, then what was the point of sending all the information, over and
> over as the subject develops, to the 90% unable to help. At least in a
> forum, I have a vague idea if I can help from the title.

If I don't want to read an email, I just delete it, but I am happy to
read some and learn what problem others have and how to solve it :)

> As to couple earlier points. It really wouldn't matter if the forum
> seemed a bit inactive at times, at least no more so than the list being
> inactive. At least there is already a wealth of support available there.
> And finally Karl, you are correct, people will often ignore search
> functions, I think we've all been guilty of that, I certainly have, but
> we can encourage people to use them, no?

Yep sure we can educate people hopefully they want to listen :)

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