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Peter baker jellyware at
Fri May 19 08:38:09 BST 2006

hey team

I got this request on the mailout email address (sydneypete)

anyone had experience with upgrading ubuntu to edubuntu? (I could send him a
ubuntu disc but don't have edubuntu)


   ian stuart
   <ian.stuart at> to me
 More options   May 18(21 hours ago)  Dear Sir

I am the ICT Coordinator at Quorn Area School in South Australia.  We
would like to experiment with the use of edubuntu in some classrooms in
out school, but have not been able to obtain a copy.  We have obtained a
copy of ubuntu 5.10 but understand this does not have all the educational
programs available with edubuntu.

I found your name in the internet as a possible person to contact to
obtain a copy of the edubuntu CD.

I could download it from the internet, but the school charges me for this
and the bill would come to over $120 and this kills my budget allowance
and defeats the purpose of experimenting with a freely available microsoft

I hope you are able to help me with my quest to obtain a copy of edubuntu.

Ian Stuart

Quorn Area School
Stokes Road  Quorn  SA  5433
ph  08 86486101
fax 08 96486254

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