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It struck me today, that a simper alternative to creating an
ubuntu.com.auwiki would be to use the current
ubuntu.com wiki, at an address such as /AustralianTeam/MarketingMaterial or
/AustralianTeam/Docs/Public and /Docs/Reviewed.

This allows user contribution, without extra work/server load for anyone
involved in the ubuntu.com.au domain.

Tuxta's reccomendation that official-type publications be reviewed then
finalised can be facilitated by the format of documents listed in my first
paragraph (ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Docs/Public and
/AustralianTeam/Docs/Reviewed. It is indeed neccassary IMO, for this process
to happen.

Please voice your opinions on this.

It would be good to get started on consistent presentation material, we can
lay down a framework for an ideal presentation, targeted at different
crowds, and we can create screencasts showing various features of ubuntu
that can be cut into a this presentation as a Theora movie for projectors.

This is just an example, in any event, lets nail down a directory format on
the ubuntu.com wiki that is logical for everyone to work with.

In other news, I plan to have a drunken conversation with a school network
administrator this friday about Linux vs. Windows on their network. We
should paste our correspondance with chaps like this somewhere so that we
can collate information on their needs and concerns. Anyone agree?

Rock on,

Shane Handley
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