Showcasing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Andrew andrew at
Wed May 10 08:13:31 BST 2006

Howdy all,

I am to do a presentation to our local computer club (Dubbo and 
Districts Computer Club) at out next meeting which will be held just 
after 6.06 is officially released. (I mentioned this in an earlier post).

What I am wanting is some suggestions as to what features or aspects of 
Ubuntu Dapper can be showcased? ie If you have a short period of time to 
'show off' what the best bits of dapper are and what it can do, what 
would choose to present?

I have already considered xgl/compiz but unfortunately I will not have a 
pc with enough oomph to pull that one off.

Either reply to this list or send me an email to andrew 'at'

I hope to get this presentation onto the docs page to provide other 
users with a guide to follow when they want to show off Ubuntu Linux.


Andrew Swinn (Phlosten)

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