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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net
Mon May 8 15:40:31 BST 2006

Steven Tucker wrote:
> Hi all,
> following my offer in a recent post to help with setting up a set of
> LoCo approved documents, to assist people in presentations on Ubuntu
> etc. I have taken some action.
> I have used my own web server for a temporary page and blog so that we
> can get started. This will be the development arena, and when we are
> happy with a particular document, it will be passed on to the official
> Ubuntu-au LoCo team for review. Once the committee has reviewed and
> approved / edited the document, it is my hope that they will publish it
> as an official LoCo approved document on the website.
committee? bit over the top. how about 'no one on irc really hates it'? :)
> How it works.
> First port of call is www.tuxta.homelinux.com/ubuntu.html
> This page will give you a description of its purpose as well as a list
> of individual projects and their respective project leaders, and links
> to ODT and PDF versions of current works in progress.
> We need volunteers to lead each project, Dave Kempe has submitted "8
> things to think about for school presentations" which is available now
> for download.
> When you become a project leader, you are given a blog account for the
> "Ubuntu-au Documentation Project" blog, only project leaders can post
> blogs, anyone can comment ( www.tuxta.homelinux.com/blog ). So basically
> when you have created a work, or are creating a work, we make it
> available for download and you post a blog announcing it, people can
> then review the document and post comments about it, suggestions can
> then be integrated if the project leader decides it is appropriate. Once
> the Doco team (all project leaders) are happy with a completed work, we
> will pass it on to the LoCo committee, they can review it, and ask for
> changes to be made etc., it then becomes an official Document!!
> If you are interested in becoming a project leader for one of the listed
> projects, or would like to add another project and lead it, please email
> me directly and Ill set it up.
> Perhaps Senectus could be a candidate for the "Government contact and
> lobbying" due to the interest he showed in that area with his last email.
> Karl has said he would like to assist, so Karl, let me know which
> project you would like to lead, be it an existing one, or a new one.

I'd rather 'work with someone' then 'lead' in the intimidate future - i
have more time in a month or so, but now its kinda scarce.
> At this stage I will not lead one, basically because as overall Project
> leader I will be assisting the individual leaders with their projects,
> and ultimately I will lead the project that does not get taken up.
> I would like to see one day in the furure, a Aussie LoCo presentation
> pack, which is basically all the official documentation organised into a
> complete reference set for LoCo area co-ordinators ie QLD NSW VIC etc etc.

As far as licencing goes, The Ubuntu docteam uses dual licencing - GNU
FDL and CC: SASA 2
Perhaps to make our work easier to merge (if its of any benefit) we
should follow a similar scheme?



> As I have said before, this is the acid test. Show the Country what the
> Ubuntu-au LoCo team can do!
> Tuxta

Karl Goetz
The buck stops there -> $
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