Ubuntu-au Doumentation Project

Steven Tucker steventucker at iinet.net.au
Mon May 8 06:57:00 BST 2006

Hi all,
following my offer in a recent post to help with setting up a set of 
LoCo approved documents, to assist people in presentations on Ubuntu 
etc. I have taken some action.
I have used my own web server for a temporary page and blog so that we 
can get started. This will be the development arena, and when we are 
happy with a particular document, it will be passed on to the official 
Ubuntu-au LoCo team for review. Once the committee has reviewed and 
approved / edited the document, it is my hope that they will publish it 
as an official LoCo approved document on the website.

How it works.

First port of call is www.tuxta.homelinux.com/ubuntu.html
This page will give you a description of its purpose as well as a list 
of individual projects and their respective project leaders, and links 
to ODT and PDF versions of current works in progress.

We need volunteers to lead each project, Dave Kempe has submitted "8 
things to think about for school presentations" which is available now 
for download.
When you become a project leader, you are given a blog account for the 
"Ubuntu-au Documentation Project" blog, only project leaders can post 
blogs, anyone can comment ( www.tuxta.homelinux.com/blog ). So basically 
when you have created a work, or are creating a work, we make it 
available for download and you post a blog announcing it, people can 
then review the document and post comments about it, suggestions can 
then be integrated if the project leader decides it is appropriate. Once 
the Doco team (all project leaders) are happy with a completed work, we 
will pass it on to the LoCo committee, they can review it, and ask for 
changes to be made etc., it then becomes an official Document!!

If you are interested in becoming a project leader for one of the listed 
projects, or would like to add another project and lead it, please email 
me directly and Ill set it up.

Perhaps Senectus could be a candidate for the "Government contact and 
lobbying" due to the interest he showed in that area with his last email.
Karl has said he would like to assist, so Karl, let me know which 
project you would like to lead, be it an existing one, or a new one.

At this stage I will not lead one, basically because as overall Project 
leader I will be assisting the individual leaders with their projects, 
and ultimately I will lead the project that does not get taken up.

I would like to see one day in the furure, a Aussie LoCo presentation 
pack, which is basically all the official documentation organised into a 
complete reference set for LoCo area co-ordinators ie QLD NSW VIC etc etc.

As I have said before, this is the acid test. Show the Country what the 
Ubuntu-au LoCo team can do!


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