An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

Steven Tucker steventucker at
Sun May 7 18:31:29 BST 2006

> As to a meeting to discuss this, I can now only tell you I really 
> don't know. I am happy to discuss this at one of our Tuesday meetings, 
> but with only 6 out of 42 odd people listed on our 'members list' 
> turning up to the last 'meeting' (from what I have been told, I have 
> not done the numbers myself) what can we possibly acheive? Yes, I know 
> a few of you had other commitments with LUV and such and I respect 
> this totally and as such I put this issue of changing meeting times on 
> the agenda last time and yet again bugger all happened. I know I was 
> supposed to have put up some form of voting on the wiki however I was 
> a bit disillusioned after the last meeting. Perhaps we should do this 
> but in with a different slant in that we use it to set a definate 
> meeting time that most of us can attend?
Can we make it on the Gold Coast so I can attend ?
(subtle message about getting members in one place)

Or perhaps have a live Audio feed, and people who can not phisically be 
there can listen, and ask questions / make comments via IRC or the like.


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