Google SoC 2006

Joel Stanley joel.stanley at
Thu May 4 14:25:42 BST 2006

Hello List,

As a Uni student, Google's summer of code perked my interest as a good
way to contribute something to Ubuntu, both because of the guidance
the program appears to provide, and, as any student would appreciate,
getting paid is nice too. A friend of a friend from my uni, Uni of
Adelaide, was in SoC last year; he wrote a gui for ndiswrapper (which
is now in universe, ndisgtk), so it is possible for an Aussie to be
involved (despite having some tax issues).

I was browsing through the SoC suggestions at, and almost a majority of the
suggestions under 'Ubuntu SoC Projects' appeal to me - they'd all be
things I'd use.

However, I'm studying (Electrical) Engineering, so my programming
experience consists of a few semesters of Java, some assembly and then
some php that I taught myself. I can pick things up easily, but I'd be
going in without huge amounts of experience.

So the reason I mail the list (apart from it being a slightly smaller
forum where, hopefully, I can get some constructive responses :) is;
what would you suggest as something reasonable on that list for me to



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