An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Sun May 7 02:57:13 BST 2006

Andrew wrote:
> A message to all current members of the Ubuntu Australian Team.
> We have posted online, an open letter directed at the members currently
> existing within the ubuntu-au group. We would like to see some change
> happen and we have outlined our concerns within this letter.
> Please take a moment to read through the letter that is located at the
> following address:
I cant view this page. I got an error message.
Was the content of the page mailed to the list at some point (i'v been
offline, so i'm out of touch)

> We would like to see further comments from members that would like to be
> involved in elevating the current ubuntu-au group into a much more
> professional body that can also present a professional image to the
> industry.
> Please let us know what your thoughts are regarding this plan. Either
> email this mailing list for discussion or email us directly using the
> email addresses at the bottom of the letter. We also ask that those
> wishing to comment do so before this coming Monday, May 8th. On Monday
> evening once we have the significant support of members from the group
> we will be calling a special meeting to start working on the foundation
> the group needs.
> If you have any trouble viewing the online version please email Andrew
> (andrew at
Hi list
I am against forming a formal organisation/company to act as 'overview'
for Ubuntu in Australia.
Just a few thoughts which didnt get answered by the list. The site with
the letter was offline/gave an error, so i dont know if these points
were covered there.

* Its a lot of work and money to start a NFP/org - especially one that
wants to be *national*

* Its a national org (has to be, or its not got a use), but with only a
hundred members~ on the list, and all the 'lets go org' people scattered
up and down the east coast (from what i see), its not really practical

* What is the "professional image" we get out of forming an org?

* Which people benefit from being part of the orgs high rankers, and who
does the work? the same people or the common thing of 'workers' and

* Outside Comany <-> company type negotiations, when is this org needed
(probably answered on the page)

* Does this org give orders to other people, or suggestions?

* What makes forming an org rathter then linking into Linux-Australia a
Good Thing?

* A company isnt needed to distribute Ubuntu cds (unless they want to
print them here). Ubuntu cds get given out at a huge rate anyway

Andrew, you replied to Grants email with "I am drafting a complete reply
to Jeff's post as he has asked some very important questions ..." - have
you sent the reply? i didnt get it

And finally, i dont feel 4 days notice is enough for a meeting of this
importance (in fact i think it should be organised at a standard meeting).


Karl Goetz
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