An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

Steven Tucker steventucker at
Sat May 6 05:46:06 BST 2006

dave kempe wrote:

> Steven Tucker wrote:
>> Come on, really. If it fails at this most basic level, why is this 
>> discussion even an issue?
> I agree entirely.
>> Who wants to help??
> me. lets do it. actions speak louder than words.

Okay, thanks for putting your hand up. I will get started as soon as I 
can, I am organising a lug meeting tonight and have about 20 things I 
need to do today and tomorrow, so expect something during the week.

Thanks again


PS you lead by example, should others like to be involved, your email is 
a great example of how to. If someone has a complaint or suggestion, 
please also have the solution and a working example.

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