Formal apology.

dave kempe dave at
Fri May 5 14:13:20 BST 2006

celtic at wrote:
> This is a completely unfair criticism of an organisation that has only
> responded with kind intentions and an attitude that matches the
> world-wide Free and Open Source Software movement.
> For this, I apologise, on behalf of myself, and the Australian Ubuntu
> team.

Thankyou Yuki.
I am happy to help out in any way you may need, we have world-class 
hosting facilities at your disposal (but not with world-clase 
data-charges - costs a fortune here). Additionally, I was talking with 
Stuart about ways we can open up some of our development processes and 
contribute packages and stuff to the Ubuntu community in general. I 
think there is much scope for working together. Lets keep making Ubuntu 



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