Formal apology.

celtic at celtic at
Fri May 5 13:44:11 BST 2006

Dear Solutions First; the Ubuntu-AU team,

The activity we are seeing on the IRC channel and mailing lists
concerning the involvement of company Solutions First is rising.
Frankly, it shouldn't be required.

Solutions First purchased the domain name for in mid-2005;
much before the Ubuntu-AU team was even thought of. They did this as a
preventive measure; other people, such as domain squatters, might
otherwise purchase it.

Once the idea for establishing a Web presence for the Australian Team
was formed, our sights were set on obtaining appropriate domains; was an obvious sight. A short email to Solutions First,
and very simply, the credentials to access the domain's configuration,
and they agreed to keep the renewal fees on their behalf. This is a
credit to the FOSS world, as it has been agreed that they would ensure
their promise in `good faith' - a long-standing policy that I believe
everyone is keen to uphold.

Some people have disagreed with Sol1 retaining official `ownership' of
the domain. Others have gone so far as to criticise Solutions First of
having ulterior motives for doing this, and for wanting to use the
domain to further their own business ends.

This is a completely unfair criticism of an organisation that has only
responded with kind intentions and an attitude that matches the
world-wide Free and Open Source Software movement.

For this, I apologise, on behalf of myself, and the Australian Ubuntu

  Yuki Cuss.

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