An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

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Fri May 5 09:23:27 BST 2006

On 5/5/06, Andrew <andrew at> wrote:

> Regarding the Community Council and 'existing team structure'. I have
> not been able to find any clear guidelines that state that this in not
> right to be doing, in fact what I read supports the group working out
> the best way for themselves to operate. Is there a wiki page I have
> missed somewhere or some other Ubuntu documentation that illustrates
> this? If you can point me to it I would be much appreciated. With the
> abundance of juicy Ubuntu goodness out there it can be hard to find
> something when it is needed.

I agree that the guidelines are not clear, but feel that it would be
essential that the proposal be discussed and recieve approval form the
governing body of the Ubuntu community. Without their approval I would have
a hard time supporting any of the proposals.

Rob, you also raise some interesting points which I 'd like to explore
further. Perhaps what is needed is a review of where we are heading and the
purpose of our existing projects, rather than launching into something as
large as this.

Grant (manicka)

Grant Galbraith
manicka at
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