Do you have Trash or waste?

Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Thu Mar 30 13:16:14 BST 2006

Yuki Cuss wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 21:58 +1030, Karl Goetz wrote:
>> hi list
>> i'm just wondering how many people have the place deleted files go
>> marked as "trash" and how many have it as something else? (waste i think
>> is the other option).
>> kk
> They're the same thing; it depends what country/language you select on
> installation. Wastebasket, Trash Can, Garbage Bin, .. whichever. -_-
>  - Yuki.
I'm aware its a locale thing, but I remember Warty using 'wastebasket',
as does Debian Sarge. I was a bit surprised when Breezy and Dapper
didn't keep doing so. (to me its a regression as far as translations go....)

Karl Goetz
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