Do you have Trash or waste?

Matthew Davidson mjd at
Fri Mar 31 15:07:34 BST 2006

Karl Goetz wrote:
> I'm aware its a locale thing, but I remember Warty using 'wastebasket',
> as does Debian Sarge. I was a bit surprised when Breezy and Dapper
> didn't keep doing so. (to me its a regression as far as translations go....)

For my money, it's "rubbish", and will always be so.

I don't sit on a "sofa" or a "couch", it's a lounge.  Well, to be honest 
I don't sit on any of the above.  I sit in front of my computer until 
I'm too drunk to stay upright, then I stagger into the lounge room and 
pass out on the lounge.  But it's a lounge, by heavens, and that thing 
spinning around me is a lounge room!

I think we may be on to something here.  The way to get free software on 
the political agenda is to let the linguistic pedants loose on the 
transation teams.

What we really need is to get the SMH's Column 8 involved.  If 
necessary, we should revive "Backchat" on the ABC.  "Why, oh why..."

I may be living in a land aquired by British conquest from 
non-europeans, but you'll have to pry these French words from my cold, 
dead lips!


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