Sydney folks?

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Wed Mar 29 07:27:11 BST 2006

Hi all,

Anyone keen to meet up in Sydney one night? Might be fun to pick a Wednesday
or Thursday and catch up at the James Squire Brewery House (a regular place
to meet for quite a few SLUG-associated special interest groups in Sydney).

If there's... hmm... five replies to the list showing interest, we can sort
out a night a couple of weeks away to meet.

In the mean time, there are some interesting things going on in Sydney for
interested Ubunteros:

 * LinuxWorld is at Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre - come down to the
   Linux Australia booth tomorrow and say g'day. (I was there yesterday, but
   not today.)

 * Tonight there's a SLUG dinner with some of the conference speakers from

 * SLUG meets on the last Friday of every month, which means... This Friday!
   Come along and chuckle through the AGM (always at the March meeting). The
   rest of the meeting will be run as usual - talks, 'SLUGlets', good dinner
   afterward, etc.


- Jeff

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