Do you have Trash or waste?

Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Fri Mar 31 16:48:06 BST 2006

Matthew Davidson wrote:
> Karl Goetz wrote:
>> I'm aware its a locale thing, but I remember Warty using 'wastebasket',
>> as does Debian Sarge. I was a bit surprised when Breezy and Dapper
>> didn't keep doing so. (to me its a regression as far as translations
>> go....)
> For my money, it's "rubbish", and will always be so.

I'll pay that
> I don't sit on a "sofa" or a "couch", it's a lounge.  Well, to be honest
> I don't sit on any of the above.  I sit in front of my computer until
> I'm too drunk to stay upright, then I stagger into the lounge room and
> pass out on the lounge.  But it's a lounge, by heavens, and that thing
> spinning around me is a lounge room!

/me wonders if he has finally made a logical connection he never saw
before - lounge rooms and the word lounge.
> I think we may be on to something here.  The way to get free software on
> the political agenda is to let the linguistic pedants loose on the
> transation teams.
> What we really need is to get the SMH's Column 8 involved.  If
> necessary, we should revive "Backchat" on the ABC.  "Why, oh why..."

<grin> interesting way to get know....
> I may be living in a land aquired by British conquest from
> non-europeans, but you'll have to pry these French words from my cold,
> dead lips!

<h2g2>Belgium, man </h2g2>, you must be serious...
> Matthew.
:) KK

Karl Goetz
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