Bob Gould gouldbob at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 28 09:03:47 BST 2006

I have just spent 2 days trying to get Ubuntu set up. I am an educated
layman with about 8 years experience in using MS Windows. I have tried
many Linux distros before including several versions of Red Hat, Fedora
Core 4, Kanotix & several others. I have not yet found one that I am
happy with or that I have sufficient knowledge to be able to configure

I have tried installing Wine, samba & other apts with Synaptic PM. It
appears to have installed the programs but they are only downloaded to
the cache. 

Synaptic installed gdesklets but when I log out the applets are not
saved to the desktop & have to be re-launched each session. 

I can't get the Gnome Phone Manager to connect to my Motorola mobile &
can't find any documentation to help. 

Now I've spent so long on it I've got a stiff neck & I'm pissed off with
another Linux distro.

It did find my cable modem & email was easy to setup.

Bob Gould
Ipswich, QLD

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