Summary of Fortnightly Meeting - July 24th 2006

Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Wed Jul 26 15:54:39 BST 2006

Melissa Draper wrote:
> Greetings,
> A wee bit late, but regardless, here it is. The meeting summary for June
> 27th, 2006:

June 27?

> New LoCoTeamContact for us
> --------------------------
> * YukiCuss has resigned as the LoCo Team Contact due to study
> commitments. He was thanked by the present team members.
> * Elkbuntu (Me) has been elected to replace YukiCuss in the role.
congrats to Elkbuntu, and thanks to YukiCuss for his work.

> Chair for next meeting
> ----------------------
> * Someone brought up the idea of pre-deciding the Primary Master (the
> fool who chairs the meetings and sends out these emails) for the next
> meeting, at the end of the current one. The idea of doing this is to
> prevent the first 5 minutes of meetings deciding who shall take the task.
> * This was partially rejected due to the fact that most of us do not
> know for certain, a fortnight ahead of time, if we can even attend
> meetings, let along be distraction-free enough to chair
> * It was decided to trial electing the Primary Master for the next
> meeting after the meeting reminder has been sent out, which is usually 1
> or 2 days before the next meeting (as opposed to a whole fortnight).
> So there you have it, another fortnight, another meeting.
> A reminder as usual to put any items you wish discussed up at

I'm going to tack on the end of this mail, that now tafe/uni has started 
  myself and probably several other people won't be able to do Monday 
meetings - so gl with them.

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