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Sat Jul 22 15:26:15 BST 2006

I have been in discussions with Nick Moffitt, an Ubuntu mailing list admin, 
regarding the establishment of a list for English translators. We agreed that 
it is best to have a single list to unify the various translation groups. 
Written English, particularly within the Commonwealth, is mostly consistent. 
Hence, it makes sense to have a single communications channel to enable 
everyone to co-operate and co-ordinate their efforts.

This list is not intended to enforce one single English translation. However, 
it may be most practical to first focus on a comprehensive en-GB translation, 
which can then form the basis of other dialects such as en-AU, en-IN, en-ZA 
and en-CA.

The mailing list can be found at

There are no restrictions on joining, so jump aboard and have your say!

Sridhar Dhanapalan
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