meeting minutes for ubuntu-au team meeting 11/7/06

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Minutes of Ubuntu-Au meeting 11/7/06

Full log can be found at

An article on "Dapper Drake" that mentioned the Australian team in APC
magazine was discussed.  If anyone has pictures from any of the dapper
launch parties please make yourself known.  Xice has sent a pic of himself
to APC in the meantime, this was agreed apon by the group.

There was discussion on a "professional courtesy letter" This can be found
via   The group decided that
letter would come in handy in the future but would not be used in current
discussions regarding an article  with APC

According to survey results, Monday nights beat Tuesday nights as the
preferred meeting time.  Some discussion was made about changing the time to
8:30pm, but it was agreed to leave the time as 8pm for the time being

Capitalization of the Ubuntu-Au phrase was discussed.  Ubuntu-Au won.

A new look and feel for the wiki homepage was discussed. was proposed and agreed apon by
the group.  So the old wiki page would be changed to look like the new
version, with some adjustment of the watermark to make the text easier to
read (if this is possible)

Next meeting

Monday 24th July 06 at 8pm

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