Meeting reminder for July 11

Melissa Draper melissa at
Mon Jul 10 14:43:04 BST 2006

*** MEETING REMINDER: July 11th at 20:00 Sydney Time (19:30 Adelaide 
Time and 18:00 Perth Time). ***


I sincerely apologise for the lateness of this email. It should have 
been sent out last night.

This email is being sent in accordance with the decision at last 
fortnights meeting:

    * Notice of IRC meetings to the list
          o It has been decided that each fortnight, the person who
            chairs the meeting will (within 24 hours) email a summary of
            the meeting to the mailing list. This person will also be
            responsible for sending a reminder to the list roughly 2
            days prior to the next meeting (the Sunday before).
            Hopefully this will remind people of it's occurrance and may
            result in more people attending.

So as you can see, I've been a bad girl, since this email is over a day 
late :(

Currently for this week's meeting, the agenda items are as follows:


      Capitalisation of Ubuntu-AU


            Though it may seem trivial, we should figure out a proper
            capitalisation, possibly based on other LoCoTeams
            <>', so we can have some
            consistency. - YukiCuss <>


      APC (Australian Personal Computer) Magazine Contacted


            Discussion at this fortnight's meeting (June 27th) it has
            been suggested that professional courtesy is extended to
            companies willing to provide support for commercial users of
            Ubuntu. More details will follow. MelissaDraper
            <> (elkbuntu)


      Meeting time


            It has come to light that the current meeting time does not
            suit alot of people. I will make a note to the mailing list
            about this and take a poll of the times people "can" attend
            - MelissaDraper <>

As stated before, we hope to see as many people as possible at this meeting.

Melissa Draper

Phone: 0404 595 395

P.O Box 1412
Lavington, 2641

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