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On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Vishnoo <vish at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 08:59 -0500, John Baer wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > I see a couple of threads on this list have seen much activity. First,
> > I would caution everyone this is a public list and the words spoke
> > here see a much broader audience.
> >
> > I have not read all of the threads but I see from Сергей last comments
> > there has been a suggestion of banning membership.
> >
> > I will assume this dialog is directed toward me.
> >
> [...]
> > If I am truly the problem teach me and help me understand how I can do
> > better.
> Do you truly mean that?
> If so, read *all* the replies in the other threads, *every* member has
> raised questions regarding your actions and as to your attitude and you
> have not answered any question , you say you realize it is about you and
> yet you did not read those messages and instead start a new thread!
> Dont you have the basic courtesy to reply to the questions raised by the
> whole team?
> This has been your pattern. Every time you are asked a question, you
> have not answered it but just start side-stepping it.
> If you want to be better start with this. Answer the questions first.
> If you choose to keep ignoring the questions from the team, you leave
> the team with no choice but to request the CC to ban you.
> It doesnt matter if you are even the best artist , if you are not a
> team-player then nothing else matters.
> --
> Cheers,
> Vish
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 Hey guys,
   John,  I am going to put my few thoughts in here as well.
I personally do not want to see "anyone"  leave the group.. "anyone"
  The dedication and clear success of your efforts to have people post their
works on your links is quite remarkable..
In fact I was drawn into it myself.
   It appeared to be a clear separation of the Ubuntu versions.. easy to
deal with,, and I am assuming, a very happy time for those that were
convinced they may have an opportunity not only to show their talents but
that their pieces may also have the possible chance of being included in the
release this April. Unfortunately, as you already know,  none of those works
will be seen for final judging.
    An artist with a clear independent mind is critical for any form of
composition...  the kind of thinker that takes something from here,, a bit
from there,  puts them together is such a way that the  "sum is far greater
than its parts"
   This group needs people, such as yourself, with the "pied piper" effect
on others to , in essence, bring them into the fold.
The problem can arise, however, when an independent thinker then joins a
group of other independent thinkers, all of whom are quite capable in their
own right. There is also an additional talent that needs attention, that of
being able to have mature people skills, and the willngness to understand
and deal with other talented , capable, people in our midst, and have the
ability to bow to the consensus of the group.  There are always, under these
circumstances, more than one person's  concepts that will not fit into the
final vision of the product.  There's always the next project!
    This sometimes reminds me of  Apple/Mac when they started.."""
hippies..man ,,, an operating system for the people.. down with corporations
...who hoo!!""""
  In fact, Apple is indeed a corporation as is Canonical.
We are subject to  "Their"  final decisions, and visions of the releases of
their operating system.
 The key is being able to bring in people of talent,,willing to work
together, to produce ideas and final visions that Canonical cannot overlook.
    I am not an employee of Canonical, as much as I might like that idea,
and I am not sure how few on the community art team are actual employees.
However, without a group's members who are willing to put some independence
aside for the sake of the group and its visions, as well as the willingness
to share their ideas, there is no hope of us being seen as a viable source
for Ubuntu.
    I am urging you to put aside whatever  has motivated your actions, and
openly discuss this issue not only on the mailing list but on the irc
   There is more than a good chance, especially when you clear up the
reasons for this, that it can be solved amicably.
Also understand , clearly,, that the people you have successfully convinced
to post their work, are going to be very disappointed that they were never
considered for inclusion into Ubuntu release.
     I would hate, for the group,  to lose someone with the natural
"marketing " skills you already possess.

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