[ubuntu-art] DesignHub Update

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 14:19:59 BST 2010

Hey everyone,

I pinged Mairin about DesignHub and the following is her reply.

DesignHub is in need of a designer to help Robby move forward with it.
> I simply ran out of time to devote to it. There's a lot of details on how to
> get involved here and I think there is a good chance Robby is
> still interested in working on it given a willing designer:
> http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/design-hub-update/

We also recently found out via OScon about a project called PickPic which
> functionally does a lot of things DesignHub was meant to do, but the UI is
> pretty rough around the edges and it appears the student who created it
> graduated and is not actively working on it anymore. It's written with
> Django and you can see a running instance here:
> http://pickpic.parcodiyellowstone.it/

After the Fedora website redesign project which will hit a major milestone
> during F14's release I may have more time to devote to DesignHub but I can't
> make any promises at the moment.

The other side of the general effort to improve collaboration tools
> for FLOSS designers is SparkleShare, which Hylke Bons has a beta of now -
> http://sparkleshare.org/  SparkleShare is an open source system
> that enables designers to share version controlled design assets via Git.
> The only missing piece is DesignHub which is meant to be a web
> display, organization, & commenting engine on top of the git repository.

Thanks for the F14 wallpaper compliment. In Fedora we work extremely hard to
> make sure our design team is transparent, community-driven, and not
> exclusionary. We hope our wallpapers and other art & design work continue to
> demonstrate that quality design and an open & transparent community-driven
> team are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Thanks Mairin!

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