[ubuntu-art] OpenShot - Ubuntu Promo Video Remix

Ivanka Majic ivanka.majic at canonical.com
Tue Nov 30 19:56:19 GMT 2010

On 30/11/10 17:51, j_baer wrote:
> Ivanka Majic wrote:
>> The original video was purposefully light and think that the music you
>> have chosen, while a lovely track in it's own right, flattens the
>> experience and makes it heavy. I also think you could do more with the
>> intro and exit sequences. "Discover computing as it should be" is quite
>> a nice line but what is the idea you are trying to portray? Black is all
>> very hard, heavy and serious; is that Ubuntu?
>> Ivanka
> Ivanka
> What I liked most about the music is the title and the way the tempo matched
> the cadence of the promo video. The video clip convey's a great message and
> the Design Team did a nice job putting it together.
I love that you took what was there and worked on it to make it more. I 
think this is a really interesting idea and that if you take the time to 
explore a little what values the video already has you could make it so 
much more. Now that the tool has been mastered, the exploration can 
commence! Do you think that the video is more about a tune like this: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4FaGacwtd4 - that it is how I see it: 
light, dynamic, fun, friendly, happy! It moves with bounce and energy - 
Ubuntu is clever enough that it doesn't have to take itself too 
seriously. The pictograms have some of that: they are constrained within 
a circle, they are clever but they are approachable. The pictograms you 
have explored for the Artwork logo reflect that work - is there 
something you could borrow from that?

What do you think about writing a blog post about how to use OpenShot? 
Perhaps we could work on a mood board for the video together and then 
you could include that in the blog post by way of setting out a 
challenge for people? There could be a visual and a sound mood board. 
Maybe we could find some Creative Commons tunes here that we could use? 


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